Frequently Asked Questions

What does ROI mean?

ROI means Return Of Investment, is usually expressed as a percentage and used to describe the profitability of an investment.

How to calculate ROI?

The basic formular for ROI is: ROI (%) = Profit / Investment * 100

What does a ROI of 1 or 100% mean?

If your ROI is 1 (or 100%) it means spend equals revenue (1:1 ratio). You didn’t lose money, but also didn’t make profit.

What does a negative ROI mean?

A negative ROI means that your investment was higher than your profit and that you lost money.

What is a good ROI ratio?

Which ratio you consider “good” depends on many, many factors. But I think in general it’s save to say that every ROI above 1 or 100% is at least positive.

How do you measure ROI in marketing?

If you have all the data it’s very simple, just use this formula: ROI = Profit / Investment * 100. You can also use this calculator.

How do you increase ROI?

The Formular for ROI is ROI = Profit / Investment * 100. So, if you want to increase ROI you need to get higher profit with same investment or same profit with lower investment.